I have posted a White House Petition asking for Congress to address the problem of Amazon thieves.

It reads:

The stolen work of many artists is uploaded to Amazon.com and sold on many products.
When an artist proves ownership of his work Amazon retains the image, claiming it has rights to it. Such open invitations do not go unnoticed by those looking to make a fast buck

Artists endlessly submit infringement reports for images, which have been removed many times.

Not only American artists are affected; this is an international problem. Most are lesser known artists, beginners, or even hobby artists.

There are now so many stolen images on Amazon that it is impossible to keep up. Mass fraud gives the impression that business standards in the U.S. have fallen to a very low level.

The artists have requested relief from Amazon, many times without the courtesy of a reply.

Please help us stop this.

Please sign the petition here.