It is bad enough that Amazon refuses to remove art when it is proven to have been stolen, but among the stolen works are those intended to support charity in Africa., where many artists sell their work, has a program whereby artists can LIFE Line which enables Kenyan mothers to care for their children and provide for their families. Kenyan mothers create handmade products to earn sustainable wages so they can lift their families out of poverty.

Amazon profits from every sale of stolen art, millions of bootleg products are offered for sale on its web sites. Not only artists in North America and Europe, many of whom are in financial straits, but he poorest of the poor. Shame on Amazon! This can not be allowed to continue.

More to consider.

Artists, and the US-based vendors where they sell their art, aren’t the only ones affected by Amazon’s facilitation of Chinese intellectual property thieves. Product manufacturers are also losing sales. the manufacturers hire fewer workers because of the lost sales. Then there is the income tax revenue that would be paid by the designers and all those employees and potential employees to local, state, and federal governments.

And if you buy from artist-authorized vendors, such as Zazzle, consumers receive better products with high-quality graphics.

Do cheap products sold through Amazon and shipped from China meet USA safety standards?

Boycott Amazon!

Please write your senators and representatives.