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Light from the sun setting reflected from water and melting sea ice just offshore from snowy coastal mountains.

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An orange sun is low on the horizon, last light at sunset, or the first light of sunrise, reflecting off snow-covered peaks. This image produced in Dogwaffle Howler’s 3D landscape renderer.

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Alaska Glacier

While the struggle against intellectual property theft continues, there has been enough progress that I again have some time to devote to art. So, for my first new image in several months is a little worked up from a photo I took many years in Alaska. I hope you enjoy it. The scene was unbelievably beautiful.

Also keep in mind that glaciers around the world are disappearing as a result of human-induced climate change.

I apologize for the watermark, but I refuse to just hand over my work to thieves.

southern alaska glacier

An awe-inspiring glacier in Alaska

Northern Idaho and surrounding areas of Washington and Montana are blessed with a great variety of both flora and fauna.  The southern edge of the boreal forest, the Rocky Mountains and inter-montane habitat types blend into one another into.  Many species of migratory birds pass through the Idaho panhandle following Pacific flyway routes. Canada Geese, often called Honkers, are one of the most common.  Large flocks settle on the lakes and rivers.

Some Canada Geese are also year-round residents in the Sandpoint-Lake Pend Oreille area.  The image below depicts some of them on Sand Creek just a short distance upriver from Sandpoint.

While we do not seem to have suffered from a loss of birds that has plagued many part of North America I have noticed an increasing number of dead geese, and fish, in recent years while in my kayak. Whether that somehow results from the appearance of Eurasian Milfoil in out waterways, chemicals used to combat the infestation, construction and habitat degradation near the water, or some other factor, I do not know, but I worry about environmental degradation in this are as the population grows.

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honkers and cattails

Canada Geese And Cattails

Alaska Day 2010


Alaska Day,  the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia to the United States, is a legal holiday.  The transfer took place at a flag-raising ceremony at Fort Sitka on Friday October 18, 1867

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A Scene Near Eagle River

The official account of the affair as presented by General Lovell Rousseu to Secretary of State William H. Seward continues: “… The troops being promptly formed, were, at precisely half past three o’clock, brought to a ‘present arms’, the signal given to the Ossipee … which was to fire the salute, and the ceremony was begun by lowering the Russian flag … The United States flag … was properly attached and began its ascent, hoisted by my private secretary [and son], George Lovell Rousseau, and again salutes were fired as before, the Russian water battery leading off. The flag was so hoisted that in the instant it reached its place the report of the big gun of the Ossipee reverberated from the mountains around … Captain Pestchouroff stepped up to me and said, ‘General Rousseau, by authority from his Majesty the Emperor of Russia, I transfer to the United States the Territory of Alaska’ and in a few words I acknowledged the acceptance of the transfer, and the ceremony was at an end.”

Here’s one I did some time ago. I ran the original image through a Photoshop filter to give it something like a pointilist look.

Nice evening colors as well.

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A Wolf In The High Country

Brilliant Night

Moon rising. predators on the move.

Even I like this one.

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Night Hunt

Blue Aurora

A simple graphic of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

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Aurra Borealis

The Northern Lights


In the winter red foxes hunt rodents living under the snow cover.  With acute hearing they are able to locate the animal; then jumping high in the air they pounce.

This image was one of my early efforts at using DAZ Bryce to generate a background landscape.

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A fox hunting rodents

I have been fortunate to live in fairly remote areas of Alaska and Idaho with stunning scenery and much wildlife.

This image is one of the first I tried when experimenting with DAZ Bryce to generate landscapes. It worked quite well. After a bit of post render touch-up with Dogwaffle, it closely resembles the view from my cabin in Idaho on a moonlit winter night.

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December in the Idaho Panhandle, near the Canadian border